Kettlebell Exercise: Cycle 11, Week 4 -

Kettlebell Exercise: Cycle 11, Week 4 -

Welcome to the Kettlebell exercise from coach Dini Leopoldo. Two new exercises are posted every week and will be achieved on any day you will have out there. Be sure you heat up adequately earlier than beginning any of those exercises!


Week 4, Day 1

Joint mobility/Primal Transfer



3×20 tremendous mans
3×20 hip bridges


1-2-3-4-5 windmills, per facet


1 clear – 1 rack squat – 1 navy press, per facet
2 cleans – 2 rack squats – 2 navy press, per facet
3 cleans – 3 rack squats – 3 navy press, per facet


5×5 pullover sit ups




Week 4, Day 2

Joint mobility/Primal Transfer


3×20 seconds planks


20 minutes:
1 minute swings
1 minute Turkish get ups











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