Power & Conditioning – Pamela Gagnon: Week 3 - rctim.com

Power & Conditioning – Pamela Gagnon: Week 3 - rctim.com

EDITOR'S NOTE: Pamela Gagnon was launched to CrossFit in 2010 and just lately completed eighth on the CrossFit Video games Masters Division. Pamela has made Regionals as a person for 4 consecutive years. She coaches at Rising CrossFit Ballantyne in Charlotte, North Carolina and travels the world as a Lead Coach for CrossFit Gymnastics Certifications with Jeff Tucker. As a busy mom and spouse, she feels fortunate to have the ability to coach, practice, and do gymnastics into her forties.


4 Weeks of Handstands and Handstand-Primarily based Expertise and Power

All through the subsequent 4 weeks, I can be programming important actions to assist together with your steadiness, shoulder and core energy, and coordination – all important elements of handstands, freestanding handstand push ups, press handstands, and handstand strolling.



Concentrate on these 4 issues when doing handstand work:


  1. Kind issues! Pointed toes, tight core, and energetic shoulders are all necessary.
  2. Hold nearly all of your weight mid palm however use your fingers to "grip" the ground to seek out steadiness.
  3. Gaze your eyes in-between your thumbs (with out shifting your head an excessive amount of). This may provide help to discover your steadiness.
  4. Unfold your fingers for extra floor space.

*** All the time ask for a spot when wanted or scale the motion.


Click on on every week to go on to any of the 4 weeks of programming:

  • Week 1: Steadiness, Handstand, and Core
  • Week 2: Strolling and Core
  • Week 3: HSPU, Urgent, and Core
  • Week 4: Placing all of it Collectively


Or, click on right here to obtain the PDF together with a hyperlink to the YouTube playlist.


Week Three – HSPU, Urgent, and Core

Day One

Rx'd work:

8 minute AMRAP of

  • 4 strict HSPU *rx+ = do them freestanding!
  • 6 strict knees to elbows (get knees to elbows, not armpit)
  • 80ft handstand stroll


Scaled work:

8 minute AMRAP of

  • 4 strict HSPU (off field)
  • 6 strict knees to elbows (can do laying on ground holding pole)
  • 8 plate walks




Day Two

Relaxation as wanted between units.



Rx'd work:

  • 5×5 deficit HSPU, 12" or extra
  • 3×10 L-hold to standing press (off parallettes)
  • 5 max-effort ground slides in pushed out hole place (use frisbee to slip)


Scaled work:

  • 5×5 deficit HSPU (off field)
  • 3×10 L maintain to standing press (off field)
  • 5 max effort ground slides in pushed out hole place (use frisbee to slip)




Day Three

Rx'd work and scaled work:

10 min emom

  • 8-10 strict HSPU (small deficit for RX+)
  • 8-10 strict toes to bar or scaled: hole ball press



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