Open an Oyster—With a Screwdriver! -

Open an Oyster—With a Screwdriver! -

An open oyster is a deal with to behold—plump, luscious, luxurious—however I’ll be damned if these little guys aren’t powerful to open.

Use an oyster knife, your fishmonger will inform you with out elaborating any additional. Or get them organized already on the half shell so he can cost you extra. So, screw it, you say, like I did, and cart your tightly shut shells house with the concept that sheer willpower and any blunt kitchen instrument will prevail.

Huddled over your sink, you combat the bastards till you break a sweat—and that’s the one factor you’ll break, in the event you’re fortunate. By the point I used to be finished with the oysters, my kitchen was spattered with shells and my poor, scrumptious oysters regarded like gummy, mutilated boogers.

So I sought the seek the advice of of Mark Fuller, government chef and co-owner of Spring Hill in Seattle, a grasp oyster shucker. His most fascinating recommendation: You don’t want an oyster knife. A screwdriver supplies all of the ample precision and leverage you could pry open an oyster.

After you choose your self up some good Kumamoto, Island Creek, Beausoleil, Shigoku, or Totten Virginica oysters like Males’s Well being recommends (don’t you dare by the massive, bland Gulf selection), escape your toolbox.

Shuck an oyster with a screwdriver:

1. Put together two trays of ice: one for the oysters after they’re cleaned and one other to position the shucked oysters.

2. Scrub the oysters with a brush in chilly water and rinse underneath working water.

3. Drape a towel over your hand.  Place the oyster within the towel after which wrap the towel excessive of the oyster.

4. Firmly maintain the oyster and place the tip of a clear flat-head screwdriver between the highest and backside shell close to the hinge. Twist and pop the highest shell.

5. Take away the screwdriver from the oyster and wipe clear it clear.

6. Pry the lid open and look inside.  You will notice the inductor muscle alongside the suitable aspect of the oyster.  Firmly scrape the oyster with the screwdriver alongside the highest shell and separate from the muscle.  Discard the highest shell.

7. Clear the shell of particles from across the oyster with the screwdriver and your thumb.

8. Separate the inductor muscle from the underside shell by firmly scraping the device alongside the underside shell underneath the inductor muscle. Place on ice.

9. Serve with cocktail sauce and lemon.

Fast cocktail sauce:
Recipe by Mark Fuller

What you’ll want:
½ cup    chili sauce or ketchup
2 tsp.     ready horseradish, add extra in the event you prefer it scorching
2 Tbs.    lemon juice
1 tsp.     Worcestershire sauce
Pinch     black pepper, floor

How you can make it:

Mix all components and blend properly.

Pictures courtesy of Geoffrey Smith

(Compulsory warning: Consuming uncooked oysters poses a small threat of foodborne sickness)


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