The Bizarre Motive You Eat Extra When You Watch TV -

The Bizarre Motive You Eat Extra When You Watch TV -

Don’t depart the TV blaring throughout dinner: You might overeat when loud noise drowns out the sound of your chewing, new analysis from Brigham Younger and Colorado State universities suggests.

For the research, folks munched on pretzels whereas sporting headphones that performed both loud or comfortable white noise. The folks whose headphones overpowered their chewing sounds ate 45 % extra pretzels than the folks whose quantity was turned down.

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The researchers suspect that the crunching and chomping sounds make you extra conscious of how a lot you’re consuming, which helps you eat much less, says research coauthor Gina Mohr, PhD. 

So think about turning down the TV or music when you dine, Mohr says. 

It’s also possible to merely tune in to your meal. In one other research, individuals who have been requested to deal with the sound of their chewing ate lower than individuals who got no instruction—regardless that they ate in environments with the identical stage of noise. Maintain that in thoughts subsequent time you’re in a loud sports activities bar.

It’a about mindfulness, Mohr says. The extra you take note of what you eat—with all your senses—the much less seemingly you’re to overeat.


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