Frog Match Problem – Day 2 of three, Week 12 -

Frog Match Problem – Day 2 of three, Week 12 -

  • Try the 12 Labors Challenge. I do these challenges to lift consciousness about Veteran's Suicide. You may also comply with me on my Fb web page with day by day updates.
  • Problem exercises are 2 days every week, and the third exercise is a benchmark. If that is the primary you’re seeing this message, Day 1 of the Frog Match Problem.
  • The video instruction is lower than a minute. Anybody ought to have the ability to comply with these exercises
  • You’ll be able to assist me increase consciousness for Veteran's Suicide causes: #achievetheimpossible #life360 #livewithnolimits #frogfuelfit.


Day 2 of three, Week 12

When you have no entry to a pull-up bar, do push-ups.


5 rounds 20 reps per train 90 second relaxation between rounds



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